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TV shows we love: Dead to me

tv shows we love

Down the Netflix rabbit hole, Christina Applegate’s big blue eyes were staring right at me. Dead To Me. I wasn’t sure whether this was a comedy or a thriller.

One episode in and I quickly realised this was a twisted, dark comedy. Jen (Applegate) is a snappy, often misunderstood queen of sarcasm who has no tolerance for BS. She drinks her sorrows and joys away as she tries to keep her home and job under control after her husband tragically passed in a car accident. A hit and run, Jen is desperately trying to solve.

She goes to a grief support group where she befriends Judy (Linda Cardellini), or rather Judy persistently befriends Jen, bonding over the loss of their loved ones. Kind-eyed, smiley Judy says she is there because she lost her fiancé but apart from the fact that they are both grieving, they have little else in common.

Judy is a free-spirited, hug-loving, sage-cleansing optimist who loves crafts and people and Jen is a cynic who wants to stay as far away from people as possible. Stay home, drink wine and not face the world. Unless she sees a human-sized dent on a car somewhere then she investigates trying to discover who killed her husband as the police aren’t much help.

So, begins a twisty friendship between the two women yet with lies growing, things get messy fast. Judy hides a shocking secret that puts their friendship to the test. As harrowing situations unravel, the show brings forth big questions. How far would you go to hide the truth to protect those you love? Would you kill for a friend? Lie to everyone around you?

Though it deals with death, Dead to Me is a comic Emmy-nominated show with plenty of tragicomic events showing the multifaced feelings of grief. Dead to Me is an easy watch yet it draws you in little by little and season two’s cliffhanger ending raised all the questions!


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