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Möbius spaces – new exhibition probes space


A new exhibition ongoing in the heart of Limassol takes a research on space and time in artificial environments and creates art inspired by it. Visual artist Christos Panagiotou is presenting a series called Möbius Spaces based on his research as part of his work at the Lab for Animation Research.

Apart from being an artist and researcher, Christos also holds a PhD from the Department of Communication and Internet Studies of Tepak and his academic and artistic interests revolve around the concept of space and time in art. His one-week photography exhibition, taking its name from a mathematics term of a one-sided loop, at Exhibit 8 Gallery, explores exactly this.

“Modernity can be compared to a machine that simulates and reconstructs space and time into discrete, delimited units,” says the artist. “Clocks through a mechanism simulate time in successive units: seconds, minutes, hours, days, years. Space is also divided and represented in linear, delimited, measurable units. It is a numerical plane of existence that constitutes a simulation of space and time.

“Through this simulation, the concept of limits inevitably arises,” he adds. “Limits separate entities spatiotemporally: they distinguish where Self and Other begin and end in space and time. But limits, in order to exist, must imply the existence of entities beyond them. Therefore, in the conception of the delimited Self, the existence of the Other is inherently inscribed. This paradoxical self-referentiality exists in the way modernity represents reality.”

In the Möbius Spaces photography exhibition, the topological properties of the Möbius strip are used to highlight in the form of landscape photography the self-referentiality of the fabrication of space and time inherent in Modernity. “The Möbius strip has no orientation,” he says. “It is both finite as space and infinite. Infinitely closed.”


Möbius Spaces

Solo exhibition by visual artist and researcher Christos Panagiotou. January 20-27. Exhibit 8 Gallery, Limassol. Opening night: 7pm. Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-1pm and 2pm to 11pm. Tel: 25- 212171


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