In an encouraging development for the island’s water reserves, the island’s seventh largest dam at Lefkara has overflowed for the third time since it was constructed in 1973.

Department of water development official Agathi Hadjipanteli told the Cyprus News Agency on Wednesday that the 13.85 million cubic metre capacity dam had overflowed twice before in 2004 and 2020.

Constructed in 1973, Lefkara dam was one of the first big dams to be built in Cyprus in order to supply the Larnaca and Famagusta areas.

Following the construction of Kouris dam, the island’s largest, as well as the southern conveyor, Lefkara dam was connected to the conveyor and currently serves to irrigate nearby areas as well as to provide Nicosia and Larnaca with drinking water.

Hadjipanteli said the dam was 70 metres high, located in a beautiful valley, while the water that flows into it from the Macheras mountains is of very good quality.

“Because of the location and the lay-out of the lake, Lefkara dam rarely overflows, and it is a real blessing to have these flows (of water),” she added.

The official said this was a very good year for water inflow into the dams. “While we started the year with dams 50 per cent full, today we are at 75 per cent overall,” she said.

Though several dams have overflowed, there is a still a way to go, she added.

“Water in Cyprus is never enough, it is needed for people, agriculture, nature and so we must always use it sparingly,” she said.

Lefkara mayor Sofocles Sofocleous said the filling up of the dam was a “gift from God,” as a result of good rains and was a cause for joy and satisfaction as it eases water shortage issues and boosts agriculture.