A woman has to work until February 6 to reach the same wage as a man received in the preceding year, Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou said on Sunday.

Emilianidou said that February 6 is a symbolic day in terms of equal pay since women have to work longer to reach the same salary.

She said the wage gap in Cyprus has been declining over time, “a fact that satisfies us” but at the same time, efforts much continue to reduce it even further and eliminate it entirely.

Based on the latest and revised data of the statistical service concerning 2019, the percentage gap has been significantly reduced and is now only at 10.1 per cent, compared with 14.1 per cent, which is the EU average.

Cyprus is now ranked 7th best among EU member states.

“The pay gap is a multifaceted issue, affecting women’s incomes throughout their lives,” the minister said.

“This is an issue that is of particular concern to the European Union and its member states, as in addition to the issue of social justice, the reduction of the gap also contributes to economic growth as it strengthens the purchasing power of women and their families.”

She called on employers, and on the state to commit to the goal of “full and substantial equality between men and women”, an integral part of which is the complete elimination of the pay gap.