The island’s second largest dam, Asprokremos, overflowed for the eighth time since it was built in 1982 on Tuesday, Kitas weather reported.

The overflow, which started at 2.20pm, would be “more impressive” over the next two days, especially from Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday as additional water flows in from rain forecast today and tomorrow, it added.

With a capacity of 52.375 million cubic metres, Asprokremos dam accounts for one sixth of total dam capacity. Built in 1982, it overflowed in 1988, 1989, 2004, 2012, 2013, 2019 and 2020, the site said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Paphos district engineer for the water development department Haris Kasioulis told the Cyprus News Agency that the dam was just 375,000 cubic metres short of filling up. He said Asprokremos had seen an inflow of 400,000 cubic metres of water in the previous 24 hours and anticipated that its overflow was imminent.

In the Paphos district the smaller Pomos and Argakas dams – with a capacity of 860,000 and 990,000 cubic metres respectively – have already overflowed. Another small dam, Ayia Marina, is 78 per cent full.

“We are hoping for a rainy February so that we can enjoy the overflowing of Kanaviou dam as well,” Kasioulis added. That dam is currently 80 per cent full.

Water stocks are already above those of last year and efforts are focused on properly managing quantities stored during rainy years to cover for periods of drought, he added.

Overall, Cyprus’ dams are just a breath away from 80 per cent full – above the 76.6 cent levels on the same day last year.

Even more encouraging is the inflow of water in what is shaping up to be one of the best years since 2011.

The dams have received 101,000 million cubic metres of water so far since the start of the hydrological year in October. This is close to three times what was collected throughout last year (36,098 million cubic metres) .