Lidl Academy has already accustomed us to creative and tasty Saturday mornings, packed with valuable knowledge about nutrition, cooking and the role of food in our daily lives. But as of this month, the Academy is taking its efforts a step further, offering the same knowledge and pleasure to children, under the auspices and support of the Cyprus Dietetic and Nutrition Association.

Currently taking place at the Academy every Saturday afternoon are ‘Little Chefs’ classes, featuring cooking and healthy nutrition workshops for children.

Thanks to the two sessions offered each Saturday – one at 3pm for six- to eight-year-olds; one at 5pm for nine- to 12-year-olds – kids develop social skills, become acquainted with cooking and confectionery, and learn more about their diet, picking up important facts about food waste and the origin of nutrition.

Responsible for the classes is psychologist and special educator Christiana Kythreotou, along with her educational team of two pre-school teachers, with classes also attended by the Academy’s resident dietitian-nutritionist. During sessions, parents also have the chance to talk to Ms. Kythreotou directly, and learn more about healthy nutrition and how they can improve their family’s eating habits.

Classes cover a rich array of topics, such as My Children’s Party, Madness with Cookies, Art and taste with Vegetables, Italians for a Day, etc., which introduce children to a healthy, quality diet and the world of culinary art in a fun, educational and creative way.

Naturally, like all Academy workshops, ‘Little Chefs’ classes are open to every kid within the defined ages, offered free by Lidl Cyprus, and conducted using quality materials that everyone can find in Lidl stores.

The classes follow all health protocols, while Lidl Cyprus offers a free rapid test to every participant before each class. The sessions are already very popular and, due to limited space, places are selected by draw.

To register, visit the Lidl Food Academy website here

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