Four people were arrested on Friday night in Paphos after police said they found drugs and a number of potentially stolen items in two homes, including jewellery, watches, laptop computers, and mobile phones.

The investigation was carried out by drug squad Ykan, who entered the apartment of a 44-year-old man after a search warrant was issued.

The other three men arrested were also on the premises, aged 41, 35 and 24 years old respectively.

Police said the search yielded 56 packages of methamphetamine weighing a total of 101 grammes, 18 packages of cannabis weighing a total of 54.5 grammes, two packages of cannabis resin, two packages of cocaine weighing a total of three grammes, as well as 54 pills thought to be ecstasy.

A mixed quantity of another 40 grammes of a crystalline substance believed to be methamphetamine was found hidden in the coffee table, while 164 pieces of jewellery, 26 watches and nine laptops were found in the apartment, including two tablets.

All four suspects denied any connection to the drugs, while also failing to provide adequate explanations regarding the origin of the other items.

The police also searched the apartment of the 24-year-old where a number of items were found, again thought to be loot from burglaries, including 28 mobile phones, four tablets, two electronic devices, one GPS unit, as well as €1,200 in cash.