Secondary education teachers’ union Oelmek on Monday reiterated their request for guards in schools, saying they are still expecting police to complete investigations after a parent assaulted a head teacher over Covid measures in Paralimni last month.

In an announcement, teachers said they are expecting the completion of the police investigation as soon as possible.

“Such unacceptable actions are reprehensible wherever they come from, especially when they come from parents,” the union said, adding the attack took place at a time when teachers face multiple problems in schools.

They reiterated the request that the education minister place guards in secondary schools “for the protection of students and teachers but also to prevent those who attempt to enter the school premises illegally”.

The assault took place on January 14 at Paralimni gymnasium when a 53-year-old father was asked to pick up his daughter who had gone to class despite being positive with coronavirus.

The man, who also had Covid-19, went to school, and allegedly started swearing and threatening the head teacher.

The school discovered the girl had coronavirus from other parents, and later confirmed the information.

The school head called the girl to his office and confirmed that she had Covid. He then called her mother, who did not pick up the phone, so he contacted the father.

During their investigations, police had confirmed through the epidemiological team that the man, his wife and daughter had all tested positive for coronavirus.

Paralimni police had said they would launch criminal proceedings because the man had broken the quarantine law and was not self-isolating.

Police, who were also investigating a case of assault, making threats and insulting the school head, had said the man will be called in for questioning once the suspect’s self-isolation period is over.