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All the wrong men in theatres in Nicosia

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It’s not you, it’s me. I just need some time alone right now. I need space. Sound familiar? If you are part of the hunger game, sorry, dating game, chances are you’ve heard these phrases before. You might have been told them or even said them yourself.

A one-woman play coming to Nicosia very soon looks at modern love and the hunt for relationships. All the Wrong Men, presented in the Greek-Cypriot dialect, will be staged at Theatro Ena on February 22, 23 and March 1.

After the play participated in the Nicosia Pop Up Fest last December, its creator and only actor Irene Salata is bringing it to life once one. “Why do we always choose the wrong men?”, asks the play. In the format of a monologue that deals with the love affairs of the 21st century, the play analyses them from a female point of view.

As the play unfolds, the stage turns into group therapy for people who have issues with relationships. The protagonist takes the floor and with the help of the audience, who will sometimes be invited to read something or get into a role, she shares her most significant love experiences.

The heroine of the play could be any woman who in the chaos of today’s society and in uncertainty, struggles to find herself and a partner. Not necessarily in this order.

Written in the Cypriot dialect, it allows the immediate approach of the most discussed topics such as relationships and sex and raises the well-known question that has plagued women since the beginning of the centuries. Why do we always choose the wrong men?


All the Wrong Men

One-woman play by Irene Salata. February 22, 23 and March 1. Theatro Dentro, Nicosia. 8.30pm. In Cypriot dialect. €10.

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