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A workshop all about curls

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If you have curly hair, you either love it or hate it. From finding the right products and a hairdresser who knows how to work with the different types of curls to making your locks last longer, if you don’t have curly or wavy hair, you don’t know the struggle.

Hair professionals and advertisers, don’t usually give curly-heads too much attention. For years, the solution to taming the frizz has been to straighten it. Only recently there has been a curly-hair revolution with numerous international companies creating healthier products specifically made for curly-heads.

In Cyprus, the movement caught on (and still is growing) when Boucles Project was launched a year and a half ago. It is the island’s first online curl shop that imports some of the most well-known eco-friendly products in the curl kingdom. Now, it aims to go beyond just providing products to actually teaching people how to style and care for their curls. The first-ever curls workshop is taking place this March. And it’s in English!

“We took the plunge a year and a half ago,” says founder Sama Meibar, “by starting Cyprus’ first and only curlshop, but we can’t stop there. If we want people to have success with our products, we have to provide them with the education and tools to succeed. We want to empower people who have naturally wavy or curly hair with knowledge that will allow them to have great results every single wash day.”

That is what the Curls Workshop for beginners will do on March 5 at Garrison Bar & Grill in Nicosia. In a four-hour fun yet educational workshop, founder Sama will share expert, practical advice and tricks for every step of the wash day process, from shampooing, to styling, protection and more. The session will focus on embracing the hair’s natural pattern and practical tips on how to wear it proudly, on every occasion.

“We’ll be doing a live styling demonstration,” says Sama, “walking participants through the process step by step, and providing practical information that they’ll be able to apply on their own hair at home. It’s not just about styling though, every step is important, from shampooing and conditioning, to how you protect your hair at night.

“There’s very little information available (in Cyprus) on how to handle and style naturally curly hair,” she adds. “Although we try to share as much information as possible on our social media accounts, it can be really overwhelming for someone who has recently started to embrace their natural hair. There are hundreds of styling techniques out there and changing one tiny thing when you style can have a huge difference on the final result. We want to help people understand what steps to take and choices to make in order to get to their desired end result.”

From 11am to 2pm, 20 or so participants will learn all about curls and enter a raffle where two winners will receive vouchers for a Curly Hair Cut with curl specialist Boho & Curl. At the end of the workshop, they’ll leave with a Boucles Project goody bag and an email in their box with the tips and tricks shared in the workshop.


Curls Workshop: Beginners

Tips and tricks on washing, styling and take care of curly hair. By Boucles Project. March 5. Garrison Bar & Grill, Nicosia. 11am-2pm. €50. In English. Registration:

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