Cabinet on Wednesday approved an aid package for more fire-stricken farmers and extended financial support to help those who were in state care, deputy government spokesperson Niovi Parisinou said in a written announcement.

During a meeting led by President Nicos Anastasiades, the cabinet approved revisions to the existing financial support scheme for former wards of the state, whose aim is to foster social inclusion and help them enter society after they turn 18.

The scheme covers funds for higher education, vocational training and the purchase of home or professional equipment.

With the new update, it will now also cover monthly rent for anyone who has secured a place in university in Cyprus or abroad, which will be paid in six-month installments.

When submitting an application, those eligible must provide a same-year enrollment certificate from their university, a rental contract or a receipt of rent payment in their name.

Another addition to the scheme will help students purchase books and other supplies they might need for university or school.

The council of ministers also approved a package amounting to €200,000 to help farmers who were affected by fires in Ayia Marina-Xyliatou and Platanistasa on June 16, Tala and Kili on June 26, and Yiolou, Simou, Drimos, and Drynia on September 1,9 2021.

This will cover damages to crops, irrigation systems, agricultural equipment and structures, based on individual damage reports carried out by the agriculture ministry.

The compensation will be paid as de minimis aid. At the same time, the victims will be informed that the payments will offset any debts they had to the state.