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Paphos in top five best value holidays for UK travellers


Paphos is the fifth best value holiday destination for British travellers, according to the latest British Post Office annual holiday costs barometer.

It surveyed 36 destinations worldwide to compare the cost of meals, drinks and other essentials British tourists are likely to buy while abroad to see where the pound stretches the furthest.

Turkey and Bulgaria led the pack. Cyprus moved from 11th to fifth best value rank as a result of a 15 per cent drop in prices, it added.

According to the survey, Turkey and Bulgaria offer the best value overall for the goods surveyed with £26.13 and £26.19 respectively. Prices are down in both, but a 37 per cent drop in Marmaris sees it take the top spot from previous leader Sunny Beach in Bulgaria although just pence separate the two.

Portugal’s Algarve (£44.39) is in third and again cheapest in the Eurozone, with costs 25 per cent lower than the Costa del Sol in sixth (£59.56).

Cape Town, South Africa – which ranked fourth — remains best the value for long haul, with prices down 1.6 per cent to £53.23.

A price drop of over 15 per cent in Cyprus – the third largest drop among the destinations surveyed — sees Paphos move up from 11th to fifth with £56.44. Prices have also fallen year-on-year in Greece, down more than 15 per cent in Corfu (£76.94), which ranked 18th.

Mombassa in Kenya was seventh with £61.30.

Sliema, Malta (ninth) has also entered the top 10 after recording a 5.8 per cent fall to (£76.94).

Orlando, Florida (10th) made its first appearance in the leading 10 after registering a 10.1 per cent year-on-year price fall (£67.01).

Madeira completed the top 10 in eighth position (£64.05), but prices have risen over three per cent.

Reykjavik in Iceland remains the most expensive destination surveyed (£158.16), followed by Barbados (£156.74) and Dubai (£132.73). All three saw price increases of over 20 per cent.

Sterling’s strength against most currencies has helped keep costs down. Once the sterling exchange rate is applied to local currency prices, British visitors will pay less in half of the destinations surveyed, the Post Office report said.

In contrast, there have been significant rises in some destinations – particularly those whose currencies have risen against the pound. Prices in Sri Lanka have increased by 26 per cent, while visitors to Mexico can expect to pay around 22 per cent more in Cancun than a year ago.

The survey covered eight items –a three course meal for two with wine, cup of coffee, bottle of local beer, can of Coca-Cola, glass of wine, bottle of still water, suncream and insect repellent – were selected as representative of the purchases British tourists are likely to make and prices were cross-checked by Post Office researchers.

According to the survey a cup of coffee Paphos costs £2.03, a local beer £2.29, a soft drink £1.78, a glass of wine £2.71, a 1.5ml bottle of mineral water £0.23, suncream £5.92, insect repellent £3.22 and a three-course evening meal for two including bottle o house wine £38.26 resulting in a total cost of £56.44. For survey Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer.


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