Nicosia bus employees on Saturday reached an agreement with their employers after mediation by Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou and Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos.

The agreement came after talks that lasted five hours, with all stakeholders meeting at the Sek headquarters in Nicosia.

Beyond the aforementioned ministers, the meeting was also attended by the director of the department of labour relations and the director of the department of labour inspection.

Labour union Sek head Charalambos Avgousti said that the meeting resulted in an agreement to resolve all matters of dispute, with the formal text of the agreement being expected to be delivered to all unions by Tuesday.

“We consider the agreement satisfactory and the issue that remains is its implementation,” Avgousti said, noting that employee dismissals have been withdrawn at the urging of the two ministers.

Peo general secretary Athos Eleftheriou said that “immediate solutions” have been provided for some of the issues put forth by workers, while in other cases timelines have been given for their resolution.