Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou highlighted the importance of digital skills on Monday during his visit to the digitally supported learning environment at the pedagogical institute.

The minister had the opportunity to meet and interact with humanoid robots NAO and PEPPER and learn about the robotics kits, 3D environments, virtual and augmented reality applications, as well as other technologies available at the institute.

He also watched sample activities on climate change, designed to make use of all the technologies on an individual or collaborative level.

“I am confident that with the innovations we have seen today, our schools will be able to be strengthened with the ultimate goal of making the learning environment much more interesting in the coming years,” Prodromou said, adding that digital technology is not just remote education.

The minister referred to two large projects which are currently being implemented by the ministry. One of them is the transformation of classrooms into digital classrooms, which is a project that is part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, and the transition to e-governance of schools. Alongside these projects, there is also the expertise to harness digital technology and artificial intelligence in education, he said.

The director of the Pedagogical Institute, Dr Athena Michaelidou, said the aim of the specific learning environment is to provide access and information to teachers and education staff about modern digital technologies.

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