The family of a 43-year-old woman who collapsed and died at the A&E of Larnaca Hospital on Tuesday submitted a formal complaint with police, claiming her death was due to doctors’ delay in examining her.

Citing sources, the Cyprus News Agency said that the woman’s husband had gone to Larnaca police headquarters at around 7.30 pm to lodge his complaint.

He told police that doctors on duty had delayed admitting and examining his wife when he rushed her to Larnaca Hospital’s A&E last Friday. The family made similar statements to the media on Monday.

On Monday, police spokesman Christos Andreou had told the news agency that police had not yet received a complaint about the incident. He added that police were investigating a case of unnatural death.

“The woman appears to have faced some pathological problems, not coronavirus, and lost consciousness as soon as she had registered to be admitted into the A&E to be examined,” he said.

A post-mortem held on the mother of six on Sunday did not determine the exact cause of death and samples were taken for histopathological and other tests.

The state health services organisation (Okypy) has said it too was investigating the case. It said that according to doctors, there were no other patients waiting to be seen when the woman arrived. She registered at 6.45 pm and immediately lost consciousness, it said.

Doctors and nurses responded immediately, the woman was examined by a cardiologist, was intubated and efforts were made at cardiopulmonary resuscitation but regrettably, she did not recover.

Okypy also clarified that a SafePass is not required to be treated at the A&E. Patients who say they have tested positive for Covid or have symptoms which indicate they may have coronavirus are examined in a separate area, it added.