A 30-year-old man was arrested late on Tuesday after a woman complained he used a piece of wood to hit her dog in the yard of her house in Paphos, police said Wednesday.

Officers arrested the suspect, who seemed drunk and was allegedly shouting, around 9.45pm, after the woman filed her complaint.

According to her statement, an unknown man had entered the yard of her house holding a piece of wood with which he beat her dog and started hitting the outdoor furniture.

After his arrest the man was identified by the woman, police said.

Then, another Paphos resident reported to the police that a man matching the suspect’s description caused malicious damage to his car.

Police added the owner of the car also identified the arrestee who was held at the Paphos central police station as the person who damaged his car.

The suspect is facing charges related to unlawful entry to property, animal cruelty, malicious damage to property, possession of an object that can be used as a weapon, intoxication and causing public nuisance.

Animal police are participating in the investigations of the cases against him.