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Notable Red Dot Design Awards winners for 2022

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The Red Dot Design Award is an annual, international award that recognizes innovation in the design sector in a number of categories. This prestigious award tracks the work of leaders in design, and researches the capabilities, solutions, and ethics of any product submitted. Since its inception, the award has gone on to celebrate cutting-edge design and technology. 

This year, Joan 6 Pro has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award for outstanding product design. This is the third Red Dot win for Joan.  The company describes itself as the, “number one solution for meeting room booking, desk booking, and workplace management.” In the wake of the pandemic, Joan helps businesses reopen their offices, and create an environment that is non-confrontational and empowering.

Notable Red Dot Design Winners 2022

There were many outstanding designs rewarded in this year’s roundup. The winners included household names, as well as up-and-coming design superstars.

Joan 6 Pro

The Joan 6 Pro is an innovative, sleek and sustainable e-paper device. The device is designed for complex and advanced meeting room management of organizations. Joan 6 Pro provides support to a hybrid and fluid work environment. This is a necessary addition to a workforce that is seeing a decline in hyper-structured work environments. 

Joan sees the future of the workplace being centered around collaboration, group meetings, and expanded spaces for teamwork. It provides elevated management capabilities, and connects with multiple existing calendars, and tools for communication. It further offers data and analytics, and allows for management and meetings to be controlled from a mobile application. Joan 6 Pro also has no cost for installation, and requires limited upkeep and maintenance. 

In addition to its capabilities, Joan 6 Pro is also sustainable. The product is estimated to be 580 times more power-efficient than tablets or ipads. It is also made using recyclable glass and aluminum. The design of the product is also aesthetically pleasing and contemporary. This makes it a welcomed addition to any working space or environment. 


HUUM is an esteemed Estonian heater designer and manufacturer. This year, they received two Red Dot Design Awards for two separate products: the electric heater CLIFF, and the sauna control panel UKU.

CLIFF is a range of electric heaters, while the latest version of the product was the one to win the award. The heater is designed to be compact and small, making it a perfect option for small to medium sized saunas. The designers optimized the product to ensure complete safety and security within the confines of a small sauna.

The second award winning product, UKU, allows for easy sauna heating. The product is designed to be controlled locally, through Wi-Fi or GSM modules. This means that the product can be controlled from all over the world. 

HUUM is a leader in the heater manufacturing industry, and has innovated the remote control heating option. 

Andreu World

Philippe Starck is the leading designer for Andreu World. It is his two products that were awarded Red Dot Design Awards. These two products are: Adela Rex chair and the Forest Club sofa. 

The Adela Rex chair is made using only plywood. It forms part of the pure wood project, utilizing wood from deforested forests. This, in addition to other design practices, allows the chair to have a marginal carbon footprint, making it a sustainable product in 2022. The chair is modular, and consists of three parts that fit together cohesively. This is done without the need for miscellaneous parts for construction. The chair is beautifully crafted, and is designed to fit perfectly in a contemporary home. 

The Forest Club sofa is a modular sofa that prioritizes ergonomics. The sofa is versatile and designed to be used in a variety of ways. The inside is created using many types of foams with varying consistencies. Like the Adela Rex chair, wood is an inspiration for the look and feel of the design. 

Final Thoughts

Many designers were celebrated in this year’s Red Dot Design Awards. Innovation was at the forefront, and sustainability and ethics were encoded into the designs. This is an illustration of the forward-thinking present in the design industry at large. Joan 6 Pro paved the way for intuitive, contemporary and sustainable design for the working environment. This placed it amongst design heavyweights that have played a part in the awards for years.  

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