The funding and subsequent renovation works at the Maronite village of Kormakitis, centred on its primary school, were reviewed by a senior government official on Monday.

Presidential commissioner for humanitarian affairs Photis Photiou visited the village in the north to inspect the works being carried out, which are aimed to sustain and revitalise the community.

For the primary school alone €1.2m has been made available through EU funds and is expected to be operational for the 2023-2024 academic year. Separately, the Republic is funding €450,000 worth of sports facilities.

During the visit, Photiou was joined by Maronite community’s parliamentary representative Giannaki Mousa as they both spoke of the efforts being taken to sustain the Maronite permanent residents.

The previous primary school in Kormakitis closed down in 2000 due to a lack of students, symbolic of the declining population of the village.