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Fire fighters respond to seventy three fires over past three days

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Over the past three days from April 29 until May 2 the fire department responded to 114 calls for help, 73 fires, 36 special services and five fake calls.

From Sunday to Monday the department responded to 23 calls for help, 14 fires and nine special services.

Around 11 am on Sunday a call was received for a fire which had broken out in a metal warehouse structure in Limassol, outside a chemical laboratory office. Members of the Agios Nikolaos police and fire department responded with two fire trucks and the fire was brought under control within half an hour.

Office equipment was destroyed due to heat from the fire and the electrical installation of the warehouse was severely damaged. After investigation the fire was determined to have been caused by an electrical fault.

At around 1 pm on Sunday another call was received for a fire at a livestock area of ​​Geri in the Nicosia district. Members of the police and fire departments of Nisou, Acropolis and Kaimakli stations responded with four fire trucks and the fire was brought under control after about two hours. The fire burned four hectares of crops, dry grass and wild vegetation. A makeshift shed and two old boats were also burned.

Livestock buildings, a wind turbine and a photovoltaic park were saved from damage.

Also on Sunday around 7 pm, a forest fire that broke out earlier that afternoon in the area of ​​Moni village in Limassol was brought under full control.

The fire burned 200 square meters of wild vegetation. Nine members of the forestry and fire departments extinguished the fire with three fire trucks.

The exact causes of the Moni fire are still being investigated.

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