The production and distribution of halloumi had not been affected by the war in Ukraine, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said on Thursday.

He admitted, however, that many companies were trying to find a way to manage large quantities of unsold products in the past month.

“The government has granted around €1 million in support to cheesemakers to manage stocks,” he said.

“We hope that the positive signs in the tourism industry for the upcoming summer will help the consumption of halloumi.”

Kadis was speaking at an event organised by the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and the town’s tourism board (Etap) titled ‘Gastronomic Creation with Halloumi’, which aimed to showcase and promote the product as the Larnaca district is the leader in Cyprus in halloumi exports.

The Cyprus Cheese Makers Association and the Cyprus Chefs Association were also involved in organising and financing the event.

“The participation and the involvement of so many prominent organisations proves the importance of halloumi in our country, as it touches various sectors of the economy, as well as industry, trade, tourism and the food industry,” the president of the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce Stavros Stavrou said.

On his part, Etap president Dinos Lefkaritis said halloumi is one of the best tools at Cyprus’ disposal when it comes to attracting foreign visitors.

“There are important economic benefits resulting from the direct consumption of the product by millions of tourists in our country,” he said.

“Tourism helps halloumi get recognised abroad, which results in increasing exports of the cheese.”