Police on Friday said they have arrested two people, aged 19 and 22, on suspicion of smuggling duty-free tobacco products from the north.

The two failed to stop during a check at the Kato Pyrgos-Limnitis crossing point after returning from the north at around 6.50pm on Thursday.

Immediately, the customs department notified an off duty officer, to whom they provided the details of the car.

The vehicle was located about 20 minutes later in the village of Kato Pyrgos.

During a body search, officers found a sum of money in Euros and Turkish lira in the possession of the older man which they handed over to the customs department.

Police also found 63 packs which contained 10 packs of cigarettes each, 64 boxes with 10 packets of packaged tobacco and another five boxes with five packets of tobacco in an area near the Kato Pyrgos-Limnitis crossing point.