Akel central committee is expected to decide on their preferred choice of presidential candidate for the 2023 elections on Sunday, following the first day of discussions on Saturday.

The 105 member-body met early on Saturday and were asked to position themselves and subsequently approve or reject the recommendation of the party’s political bureau on one of two candidates whom Akel will support for the presidency.

Former chief negotiator on the Cyprus issue Andreas Mavroyiannis and prominent lawyer Achilleas Demetriades were put forward as options at the meeting of the political bureau earlier in the week.

However Cybc reported on Saturday that recommendation which has been submitted and is being discussed is specific and concerns only one of the two.

It added that this candidate is preferred by the majority of the members of the political bureau.

Reports indicate the political bureau recommended Anastasiades’ former chief negotiator Mavroyiannis.

According to a party announcement, both candidates “can express the demand for progressive change in government and the expectations of the big majority of society for a new beginning at all levels in the country.”

The works of the central committee will be completed on Sunday when its members are expected to take the final decision.

The choice of candidate will then be ratified at the extraordinary party congress on 5 June.