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Unlimited, max-speed options thanks to four new Epic plans

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In an age when people must be constantly connected at all times, seamless and reliable communication is a necessity, and mobile internet with incredibly fast 5G speeds mandatory, and no longer a luxury. Consequently, and in keeping with its perennial promise to deliver a great network at great value, Epic is introducing new mobile plans to make communication better, faster and delivering more value than ever.

With four new plans – 5G Value, 5G Advanced, 5G Unlimited MAX and 5G Unlimited Max Plus – Epic is offering more options for everyone, as each of the plans meets different needs. For example, for those who want to enjoy unlimited communication, the new 5G Unlimited MAX & 5G Unlimited MAX Plus plans are the ideal choices.

However, in order to enjoy the unlimited communication experience the way you prefer, your GB should be running at maximum speeds. And because at Epic ‘unlimited’ means never having to compromise, with the new 5G Unlimited MAX plan subscribers can enjoy unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS and, most importantly, unlimited GB running at maximum speeds. And all for only €24.99/month!

In addition, by connecting to any Epic mobile plan, you have the opportunity of getting a new smartphone with installments, whenever and as many times as you wish, without waiting for your contract to expire. Epic has always had a wide range of smartphones, including the market’s most popular, so you always have the option to find the smartphone of your dreams, and purchase it with the best possible discount.

With Epic having received five awards for its mobile network over the last two years, and having been ranked Best Mobile Network in Test by umlaut for the third consecutive year, all its subscribers can enjoy amazingly fast internet speeds, as well as the reliability and capabilities of a recognised network for an epic communication, minute-to-minute experience.

So, if you want everything unlimited at maximum speeds, while also benefitting from the #1 mobile network in test, connect now with 5G Unlimited MAX for only €24.99/month. The offer is valid for 24 months for online connections at and for 12 months for connections at Epic stores or at selected associates’ stores.

For terms and conditions, please visit:

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