Members of the House education committee found serious safety and health issues as they re-examined the suitability of sports venues in Cyprus during its session on Wednesday.

Deputy president of the committee Chrysanthos Savvides said that most football stadiums are unsuitable with only GSP and AEK Arena providing adequate safety to both athletes and spectators.

Disy MP Giorgos Karoullas said that the matter was very serious and concerns the security of everyone attending sports events.

“The responsible authorities, the Cyprus Sports Organisation, associations, federations, and school boards should prioritise their goals and be able to operate sporting fields according to the necessary safety standards the soonest possible, and at the same time produce a funding plan for the new season and be able to at least operate sporting fields even with the minimum safety standards,“ he said.

Akel MP Christos Christophides pointed out that in the past five years major sports competitions were held only in Limassol because there is no appropriate infrastructure anywhere else on the island. He also called for more action and pointed the finger at the Stadium Licensing Authority.

“Meetings with the president are not enough, projects that support sports is what’s needed…the Stadium Licensing Authority should not feel comfortable with the current situation in the stadiums,” he said.

Dipa MP Alekkos Tryphonides said that the current infrastructure’s specifications are 20 years out of date.

“MPs receive complaints that many venues present a high risk in their static adequacy, canopy shades, parking lots and in their accessibility by disabled individuals among other things,” he said.

The president of the Cyprus Paraplegics association Dimitris Lamprianides echoed concerns of inaccessibility by disabled individuals and that the lack of access poses serious risks to those with disabilities.