A fourth suspect was charged in connection with a protest by goat and sheep farmers on Wednesday where they spilled gallons of milk and lit fires outside the presidential palace.

A 37-year-old man was called in by police on Friday when he gave a statement about his involvement in the protest. He was charged and released pending his court appearance, police told the Cyprus Mail.

For the same case, three men, aged 42, 45 and 55, have been arrested.

They all face charges related to conspiracy to commit a crime, setting fire, reckless and dangerous acts and causing malicious damage among others.

Police spokesman Christos Andreou had told the Cyprus Mail that police were examining video material from the protest on the handling of halloumi PDO and it is possible more arrest warrants will be issued.

“There were many people at the protest, but the damage was done by five or six people,” he said.

During the demonstration on Wednesday, which started at noon and continued until the afternoon, livestock breeders set fire to hay bales, dumped gallons of milk and blocked roads outside the presidential palace and other key traffic arteries.

Tensions peaked as the driver of a truck seemingly threatened to smash through the gates to the presidential palace, halting just inches away as police in riot gear stood their ground.

Later in the day, demonstrators made their way to the agriculture ministry where a number of protesters were admitted to discuss their grievances.