The public works department has launched an open tender for construction of a new building for the pancyprian blood centre at Yeri, Nicosia, the transport ministry said on Friday.

The project is for a building with a basement, a ground floor and two floors. The blood donation station will be located on the ground floor, while the blood centre will be on the first and second floors.

It will take delivery of blood from blood centres in all districts and will be responsible for processing, checks, storage, and distribution of the final product. About 80,000 blood products (such as red blood centres, platelets and fresh, frozen plasma) will be distributed for clinical use throughout the country, it added.

The project will be implemented with the method of study, construction and 12-year maintenance and the estimated value is €7.854 m including VAT. Tenders must be submitted by September 13 with the contract expected to be signed in December and the project completed in 25 months.

It is co-financed by the EU’s recovery and resilience mechanism, as part of Cyprus’ recovery and resilience plan.