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Get your feet ready for sandal season

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A woman doing her pedicure, landscape. Alamy/PA.

By Sam Wylie-Harris

With chunky open-toe sandals, sleek mules and strappy gladiators back in vogue, this season is all about showing off your feet.

But unless you’re dedicated to getting a professional pedicure every few weeks, chances are you need to do a bit of prep before putting your best foot forward.

Here’s how to pamper your feet and get them ready for summer…


beauty2 lisa and lou luxury dadi lotion
Lisa and Lou Luxury Dadi Lotion. PA Photo/Lisa and Lou.

Exfoliate and moisturise

Bryony Cocksedge, brand expert at Lisa & Lou, says the first step is to deal with any build-up from the winter months.

“Exfoliating takes away dead skin on the surface. Layers of dead skin cells will block other products from entering the surface of skin, and therefore it’s beneficial to exfoliate regularly, especially in the run-up to hotter weather,” she says.

She recommends using a scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin, improve skin tone, improve circulation, and increase cell renewal – as well as leaving your skin silky soft.

Follow with a moisturiser, with Cocksedge adding: “Make sure you moisturise daily, from top to toe.”


Care for calluses and cracked feet

Considering how much wear and tear we put our feet through, calluses – those hard, thick areas of skin that can build up – are a common problem.

Cocksedge recommends using a softening product followed by a foot file to target calluses. “The combination of the softener and file helps to exfoliate, hydrate and soften the skin,” she explains.


beauty3 cowshed pedicure kit
Cowshed Pedicure Kit, Soho Home. PA Photo/Soho Home.

Cut or file toenails

When it comes to cutting and filing, try to trim your toenails straight across – this will help avoid ingrown toenails.

Margaret Dabbs, founder of Margaret Dabbs London, says: “A great trick is to use a crystal nail file to file the toenails straight across – this immediately gives the look of feet that have been groomed at a salon.”


Paint with proper technique

To prepare your toenails, gently push your cuticles back, then use nail varnish remover to clean the nail bed. “Always use a base coat to help prevent staining – and also prolong wear,” advises Cocksedge.

“Keep your brush as flat as you can when painting the nail, to prevent brush marks and give a more even coverage. Don’t overload your brush – too much will run into the cuticle and sidewalls.

“The fewer strokes the better, otherwise it will start to go gloopy. Finish with cuticle oil when the nails are dry to the touch.”


Choose your nail polish wisely

“For toes, it’s important to choose a formula that’s long-wearing and chip resistant, to keep your pedicure looking fresh,” says Emolyne Ramlov, founder of Emolyne Cosmetics.

The more highly pigmented a polish is, the fewer coats you’ll need to apply – and quick-drying formulations are best for busy lives.

“At Emolyne, we love classic red shades on our toes for an instantly put together feel,” notes Ramlov. “With summer on the horizon, we’re opting for deep pink tones and bright, fiery reds.”

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