Choirokoitia’s all-day primary school and kindergarten is a prime example of what all-day state schools in Cyprus should look like, according to Pavlos Mylonas, the chairman of the House Education Committee.

The regional all-day primary school and nursery school of Choirokoitia should be showcased, it is worthwhile to do so, since all the MPs were impressed by the work done, the standard of the public school and the education provided to the children,” he said.

Lawmakers on Friday visited a number of schools in the Larnaca district, including Ayios Spyridon school in Larnaca, Oroklini primary school and the regional all-day primary school in Choirokoitia.

Meanwhile, student overcrowding and the high number of children whose first language is not Greek were among the issues highlighted at Oroklini Primary School.

There is a strong element of foreign languages as well as other problems that were reported to the MPs by the parents’ associations and the teachers themselves,” Mylonas said.

Commenting on the all-day school in Choirokoitia, Mylona said “there are some minor problems and a few things the kindergarten needs… however, by general consensus of all the Larnaca district MPs who are members of the Education Committee, Choirokoitia Primary School is a model of an all-day school, where everyone is served and any minor problems are resolved in consultation with the school management, teachers and other relevant bodies,” he added.

“The demand is high and we need these model schools to succeed in implementing them in the rest of Cyprus,” he concluded.