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Auditor wants Yiannaki’s forced retirement

Auditor-general Odysseas Michaelides

Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides recommended the forced retirement of the volunteerism commissioner Yiannakis Yiannaki as he still receives 50 per cent of his salary, as well legal action seeking damages.

The long-drawn-out legal procedure meant that Yiannaki would carry on receiving 50 per cent of this salary for the foreseeable future. To stop this happening, Michaelides recommended annulling his appointment.

The recommendations were part of a letter addressed to the Youth Board of Cyprus (ONEK) dated June 15, titled “Possible commitment of the crime of forgery by the former Commissioner for Volunteering.”

“It is our understanding that the former volunteering commissioner has been suspended and is recipient of 50 per cent of his salary as a Volunteer Officer…and as the Attorney General decided against a taking the case to criminal court, and since Yiannaki has yet to admit guilt on any charges, then it follows that a lot of time will pass until the case is tried at the district court,” wrote Michaelides in the letter published Phileleftheros

“And given that you (ONEK) won’t take any relevant decisions in the meantime, the former commissioner will continue, perhaps for a few more years, to be a recipient of 50 per cent of his salary,” he added.

Michaelides pointed out that while ONEK’s regulation (ΚΔΠ 513.2997) bars it from pursuing disciplinary action, when one of its officers is under criminal investigation, until that investigation is completed, it allows ONEK’s Council to place the officer on mandatory retirement if they are deemed unsuitable for the position they hold.

ONEK should not remain idle, but should seek legal advice on how to best handle the legal aspects of the case in order to safeguard its interests of, the auditor-general advised.

Concluding, Michailides said that “in our opinion you should initiate a process of civil action if, independent of the trial outcome, you can establish that the former commissioner is not a holder of the relevant qualifications that would justify his salary in relation to the salary paid to a university degree holder.”

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