Underwater work to better showcase the ancient harbour of Amathus will get underway on Thursday, the antiquities department said on Wednesday.

The initiative is part of a trans-border EU project, ANDIKAT, aiming to promote underwater archaeology and the natural heritage through the creation of diving routes in marine protected areas in Greece and Cyprus.

“All swimmers in the area of the ancient harbour are urged to be particularly careful and to avoid areas where work is being carried out, for which there will be the appropriate markings at sea and warning signs on land,” the department said.

The public is urged not to move antiquities from the seabed, or any markings placed as part of the project, it added. Work will continue throughout July, with new announcements expected.

The department apologised for any inconvenience.

According to the University of Cyprus’ Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory, the ancient harbour of Amathus, which is now underwater, was selected for the creation of the first underwater archaeological park in Cyprus because of its unique character.

“It is one of the best-preserved ancient harbour structures in the eastern Mediterranean, and the only such site in Cyprus that has not been disturbed by contemporary uses,” the research lab said.

The preserved architectural remains, it added, are in shallow waters (0.80-1.50m) and close to the shore, so it is easily accessible to the wider public.

The ANDIKAT is co-funded by the EU and national resources from Greece and Cyprus (Interreg VA Greece – Cyprus Programme “2014-2020”).