Presidential elections will be held Sunday, February 5 and the runoff will be on Sunday, February 12, the ministry of interior has announced.

On Friday, December 23, the decree of the minister of the interior will be issued to announce the elections and Tuesday, December 27, will be the last date for registration in the electoral roll, as well as submitting a voting declaration in election centres abroad. A relevant bill will be submitted to the House of Representatives regarding overseas polling stations.

On Thursday, January 5 2023, the nominations for the elections will be submitted.

All citizens of the republic aged 18 and over, who are residents of Cyprus and are registered in the electoral roll, have the right to vote.

Application forms can be obtained from local district administration offices, citizen service centres (CSCs), and at Cyprus post offices as well as directly from the ministry of the interior website, at

Cypriot citizens who are not registered in the electoral roll, who wish to be registered, are invited to submit their relevant declarations in time.

Regarding the election centres abroad, it will be possible to submit a declaration from October 3, 2022 until December 27, 2022, for those residing in countries in which the Republic of Cyprus maintains a diplomatic mission. According to the provisions of the current legislation, polling stations may only operate in those cities abroad where the number of voters who will submit a declaration exceeds fifty (50).