A 73-year-old woman died on Wednesday, about a month after she was seriously burned in a house arson in the village of Pyrgos in Limassol, police said.

Demetra Charalambous was hospitalised at the Nicosia general hospital since June 8, when she was injured in the house fire while she was visiting a relative.

Michalakis Mangas, 79, died on the spot after the fire, which was allegedly set by his wife’s nephew 59-year-old Stylianos Christofi, engulfed much of the house.

Police are now investigating charges of double murder against Christofi in addition to the attempted murder of Mangas’ wife, 77-year-old Katerina Demetriou, who was also injured in the arson. She remains hospitalised at the Nicosia general hospital.

According to the police, the arson took place around noon on Wednesday, June 8, when the perpetrator, using a jerrycan of petrol, set fire to the living room where his aunt, her husband and Demetriou were sitting, before he made a run for it.

Eyewitnesses saw the 59-year-old suspect holding a shotgun and walking away from the residence where the fire had broken out.

Christofi was found dead two hours after the attack next to his car, about a kilometre away from the crime scene. He had a wound compatible with a gun wound.

Reports suggested the two relatives had personal differences and had clashed before the arson because the aunt and uncle kept in touch with the younger man’s former partner.