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Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is pleased to announce the full launch of its revolutionary legal platform, which will be available to all existing registered and new users, on a free, complementary basis, for a period of four months, commencing on July 11, 2022.

As the first completed project to emerge from the Elias Neocleous & Co LLC Innovation Hub, is the result of three years of hard work and a close collaboration between the lawyers and IT experts of Elias Neocleous & Co LLC, as well as carefully selected external developers. The platform Beta version has been thoroughly tested by third party organisations, and has incorporated their constructive input, ensuring it operates intuitively for legal professionals at all levels of technical proficiency.

By embracing the latest and best innovations and aspects of machine learning and A.I., together with natural language processing, aims to revolutionise the working lives of legal professionals and law students across Cyprus and beyond. will increase their efficiency by reducing time-consuming tasks and expanding their knowledge horizon. This will unleash the potential to improve and expand upon their scope of legal services.

Accessible via mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC, subscribers to will enjoy all the benefits of:

Legal Brain: With a regularly updated library currently containing 72 main Cypriot Laws and EU Regulations and a depository of related case law for each article, the Legal Brain service has the skill to accept and process legal queries submitted in natural language. Users are directed to relevant legislation, articles and case law, being able to read the most relevant extracts of the cases or a summary of the same, saving many hours of traditional style research.

Document Drafting: By inputting basic specific details, in a step-by-step format, Document Drafting generates a range of bespoke Agreements, Tech Law/GDPR Documents and Court Applications, tailored to the requirements of the user, ready to be downloaded.

Informational Services: This provides an ‘automated advice service’ to the user via a chat flow covering numerous branches of the law. On selecting a topic, the user is guided through a network of predefined questions, designed to answer basic legal queries and provide relevant guidelines. Where appropriate, the user is referred to a specialist lawyer.

The professional world is changing and in Cyprus is spearheading that change!

For more information on how can help you and to arrange a demonstration, please contact [email protected] or visit us at

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