A journey around the world from the Mediterranean and the Middle East to Africa and Latin America will be presented at an upcoming performance. Participating in the 17th Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival is a concert titled Wanderlust by singer Andria Antoniou and four Cypriot musicians – Andreas Panteli, Andreas Rodosthenous, Rodos Panayiotou and Michalis Kouloumis.

This group of musical explorers will take to the stage set up at SEK Parking lot on July 25 and through a varied repertoire establish an intercultural dialogue and promote a sense of unity in cultural diversity. Inspired by each destination and the residents’ everyday stories, the band presents original material and their own rearrangements of songs from each country.

“Wanderlust,” say the organisers, “means having an intense desire to travel, longing to be an explorer – restless, curious and open-minded. With that exact energy and intention, Andria created this new performance project called Wanderlust. This project creates soundscapes drawn from different music cultures. Jazz and improvisation bring the various styles together, creating a rich tapestry of sounds, and acting as a common tongue between musicians.”

This is a long-term creative project with a diverse team of musicians from different parts of the world. Depending on the team each time, where they come from and what their influences are the soundscape changes. The first stop of the project is Andria’s homeland, Cyprus, where she collaborates with an established team of folk and jazz musicians. The colours and melodies of the Middle East and the Mediterranean along with the vibrant rhythms of Africa and Latin America blend organically with the modern harmony and structure.

Along with their own creative arrangements of songs from around the world, the band will also perform a selection of original songs by Andria and music composed by the Argentinian composer Roman Gomez from their latest collaboration album Encuentro.

“Wanderlust is a show,” they conclude, “that combines music with elements from other creative disciplines such as dance and storytelling. It is a creative project that investigates the ingredients that make each culture unique and at the same time embraces what unites us all.”



Music performance by Andria Antoniou and Friends. July 25. SEK parking place, Rialto Theatre, Limassol. 9pm. €5. Tel: 7777-7745. www.rialto.com.cy