A group of academics, scientists, researchers and urban planners have called on the transport ministry and the Nicosia municipality to make sure the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (Svak) for the capital takes a holistic approach.

The plan aims to help address traffic congestion, including through rolling work schedules to ease rush-hour gridlocks.

Emphasis will be given to the regeneration and revitalisation of urban nuclei, especially in the city centre, through specific measures of sustainable mobility. The Nicosia plan will be based on the latest instructions of the European Local Transport Information Service (ELTIS).

The first consultation for the Nicosia plan took place last May.

The letter sent to authorities stressed the need for Nicosia’s SVAK “to employ a comprehensive and holistic approach to the future of the capital of Cyprus.”

The main concerns touched upon Nicosia’s population density, public health, policing and law enforcement, as well as road safety.

A total of 22 individuals, all directly or indirectly involved in urban planning, put themselves at the disposal of the transport ministry and the Nicosia municipality.

“It is important that an open public consultation on the subject takes place, one where a spirit of cooperation between stakeholders, the state and citizens prevails and we are ready to actively take part in it,” the letter said.