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A mentor and a leader: Sophie Frabotta is changing the way we see healing


Living life in a healthier place requires letting go of things like hopelessness through healing. However, there are various types of healing, some more powerful than others. Therapists increasingly realize the benefits of incorporating spirituality into their practice, and scientists continue to prove the relationship between it and psychological well-being.

Internationally recognized spiritual life coach Sophie Frabotta’s experience extends over 15 years. The owner of Awaken Collective and mentor to aspiring coaches, Sophie has developed some proprietary techniques that help provide deep spiritual healing, helping to change how we see recovery.

An inspiring and authentic approach

Sophie Frabotta intentionally chose spiritual psychology over clinical psychology. She completed her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University in Palo Alto, California, thanks to her passion for helping people reach their full potential.

For Frabotta, becoming a spiritual life coach means embodying the work instead of just learning it. She wants life coaches to live it to help others reach their full potential.

“Most people can’t hear the words their souls speak to them, but I can,” says Sophie. She continues, “ I teach them to hear these words from the soul, and that’s why my clients affectionately call me the “The Soul Whisperer.”

Sophie Frabotta’s training and passion for her work helped her develop a training program that teaches coaches and clients the best approach to guide people through spiritual healing.

Implementing the changes

Despite some hard times during her youth, Sophie always felt the presence of a spirit that told her she would figure out everything wrong with her life. As a young child, her parents moved around quite a bit, something hard for her at the time. Three moves in eight years meant that the child with a soft heart ended up in eighth grade, having to fight loneliness.

Suffering from rejection, Sophie also constantly felt strangled by the experiences of others. Unfortunately, at the time, she didn’t grasp that she was an empath, leading to some difficult times. As a result, she struggled with sudden weight gain, bulimia, aggressiveness, depression, and feeling suicidal.

Several things led to her implementing the changes that turned her around. These included the death of a friend in a car accident and a moving church sermon about new beginnings. In addition, Sophie confessed to her mom and made a promise she meant to keep.

Determined to become a heart-centered leader, Sophie was further inspired by watching Iyanlya Vandandt’s show, Starting Over, on NBC back then. Along her path, the Awaken with Sophie Brand Essence emerged, and today she joins the ranks of spiritual healers like Rebecca Campbell and Eben Alexander.

Importance of correct mentoring

Nurturing comes easily to Sophie, and besides being a wife and mother, she guides others to do the same through her unique resources. Besides the retreats, workshops, spiritual healing sessions, etc.,  Frabotta has successfully developed training methods, including her revolutionary 4 Rs process.

During healing sessions, patterns emerge, and the observant Sophie studied these carefully and created her formula to help take people through the phases leading from wounded to free. Recognize, release, reprogram, and radiate – these four phases help take clients onto the right spiritual path.

However, Sophie stresses that these are a guiding light for coaches who can apply them as they see fit. Spiritual paths don’t always follow a linear pattern, she points out.

Sophie Frabotta teaches, “Healing and personal growth require reaching a certain level of embodiment, and coaches need to tap into their soul as they follow their true purpose.” She continues, “Following this journey often proves scary, and I am there to mentor them through the entire 20-week interactive transformational healing experience.”

Last word

At Awaken Collective, Sophie is helping people see into their desired future and reach their full spiritual potential. As a powerful modern Spiritual Healer, she thinks out of the box, creating changes in how people see healing today. Frabotta’s modern spirituality and energetic leadership ensured her place as a mentor and leader in her field. For Sophie, the process requires understanding the powers of the innate spiritual gifts we all hold, the ability to unblock the past and heal, and the effective management of daily energy. Once people can rid themselves of always wanting to please others, they are free to connect to their higher consciousness form where they can confidently help transform others. Her words say it best, “Your life will change when you let your vibration be louder than the vibes around you!”

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