Following speculation over the impending resignation of ‘finance minister’ Sunan Atun in the north, it was announced that he officially submitted his resignation at 10am on Tuesday.

“We thank him for his work. He is an MP with our party and will serve as such from now on. Such changes have always been taking place in the National Unity Party and this is one of them,” the ‘prime minister’ announced.

Alisan San, ‘MP’ in the National Unity Party as well, was appointed to the post of ‘finance minister’, according to Turkish Cypriot press cited by the Cyprus News Agency.

Atun told his close circle of associates that he decided to resign from his duties after the ‘prime minister’s’ decision to place the ‘electricity authority’ under his control.

Up until recently, the ‘electricity authority’ was subject to the ‘ministry of finance’.

The ‘authority’ was in the spotlight due to the energy crisis and the multiple disruptions of service occurring as a result.

Atun, was one of the leading people in the crisis that led to the dissolution of the previous ‘government’ and came into an open confrontation with the former ‘prime minister’.