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Zachouri complex reconstruction in its final phase

the architects plan for the area surrounding the zouhouri mosque

The reconstruction of the Zachouri mosque square in Larnaca will finish by the end of coming September as the project is currently entering its final phase, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Thursday.

Work began in September 2020.

Situated in Larnaca’s urban centre, the Zachouri complex is made up of a mosque, a yard, peripheral buildings, and the former Turkish Cypriot market. It is considered to be one of the most important ancient monuments in Larnaca.

“The project entails the reconstruction of the yard including the space where the Turkish-Cypriot market used to be and the restoration and maintenance of the guest house and of the surrounding building’s facades from the side of the yard,” Larnaca Mayor Andreas Vyras told the agency.

“The project’s estimated expenses total approximately €2.9 million and will be co-financed by the European regional development fund within the framework of business programme “Competitiveness and Sustainable Development,” he added.

The reconstructed area will also house four shop spaces for which the municipality will lease out in the future, but according to Vyras “the existing shops situated next to the Zachouri complex will be able to place their tables and chairs in the specially designed area.”

Vyras further addressed the delays that occurred.

“There were some justified delays in the completion of this project caused by stability issues with the guest house and with the entrance building, considering that these buildings were closed for decades. And this was the reason we had to attain special permits issued by the department of antiquities,” he said.

“The aim of the reconstruction is the functional and aesthetic upgrade of the space and the connection of the yard with the surrounding space and the area’s road network. The yard’s configuration was done in such a way so as to exhibit the historic and traditional nature of the mosque and thus attracting both foreign and local visitors,” Vyras concluded.

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