The ‘Guardian 2022’ tactical exercise involving joint training between national guard’s special forces with their US counterparts was recently concluded, according to an official announcement from the defence ministry.

The exercise was concluded near the end of July. It was not announced beforehand.

Drill scenarios included various types of individual and group weapons firing as well as sniper training, and training in urban warfare and first aid.

Part of the exercise was observed by National Guard Chief Lt. General Dimokritos Zervakis who congratulated the participating units, highlighting the significance of the cooperation between the two countries in the sectors of security and defence in the eastern Mediterranean.

The exercise, part of a cooperation network developed by the national guard with armed forces of friendly countries as per defence ministry’s direction, is judged to be especially beneficial as it provides special forces personnel the opportunity to train with counterpart units from the US, and in this way promoting their level of training, interoperability and highlighting the excellent relations between the armed forces of the two countries, the ministry said.