Approximately 45,000 passengers per day on 730 flights will arrive and depart from the airports of Larnaca and Paphos during the August holiday this weekend, the airport operator said on Saturday.

Hermes Airports spokesman said August was peak period with increased traffic at the island’s two airports.

Larnaca airport will handle 510 flights, both arriving and departing and Paphos will see 220.

According to Hermes, traffic this summer has increased compared with the previous two years. July closed with almost 1.2 million passengers travelling through both airports.

Larnaca recorded 800,000 people and Paphos 400,000, corresponding to 82 per cent of the number seen in July 2019 before the pandemic decimated the tourism industry in 2020.

In fact, July was the second consecutive month this year where passenger traffic exceeded one million, something not seen since October 2019. Hermes considers this significant as Russian and Ukrainian markets have been non-existent this year.

Notably, countries with the most passengers traveling to and from the island are the UK, Greece, Israel, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, France, Italy, and others, out of a total of 38 countries that have air connectivity with Cyprus.