Abandoned and unfinished buildings in Acheritou attract rodents and snakes, community leader Michalis Kaounas said on Wednesday, calling on the relevant authorities to intervene and clean up the complexes.

Over the last 12 years, three large complexes with about 40 houses each have been abandoned in the rural community and as a result became sources of infection as mice, other rodents and snakes were seen in the premises, posing a health risk for the community’s residents.

The particular complexes concern developments that have been left unfinished due to financial problems the developers had with the banks, Kaounas told the Cyprus News Agency.

But “the financial institutions are not interested in the cleanliness of these complexes, resulting in them being filled with weeds and trees.”

He added that the community council lacks the financial resources, estimated at around €30,000 to €40,000, to clean up these complexes and charge the owner, who in turn will transfer the bill to the bank.

Furthermore, those complexes are vulnerable to possible earthquakes, wind pressure and even temperature changes. The buildings, Kaounas added, also show carbonation-induced corrosion and oxidation in iron structures.

“Someone has to make decisions and ensure the cleanliness of these areas which is directly related to the health and safety of residents,” the community leader said, adding that they plan to contact the relevant authorities to highlight the problem.

The abandoned premises could be fixed up and used to host young couples, Kaounas said.

Under the jurisdiction of Acheritou community council are the occupied Acheritou village, Vrysoulles and Ayios Georgios refugee settlement.