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The role of science as a peace-building means highlighted at bi-communal STEAM camp

STEAM certificate ceremony/CNA, P. Hadjiloizou

The role of science as a means for peace-building was highlighted in a bi-communal STEAM camp, which was funded by the US Embassy in Cyprus.

The STEAM for Peace and Entrepreneurship Camp Attendance Certificate Ceremony took place on Wednesday, at the Home for Cooperation, in Nicosia.

The camp organisers, Dr. Myrtani Pieri, Dr. Simge Davoglu and Menelaos Menelaou expressed their satisfaction with the response of the 100 young Cypriots from across the island and their families towards the STEAM activities, adding that they have been able to look at peacebuilding from a different perspective by utilising the universal language of science.

Judith Garber, US Ambassador to Cyprus, expressed her excitement at the Steam camp, which “seems to be a wonderful experience.” She also said that science is a universal language, brings people together and promotes understanding, adding that the essence of the scientific method is taking risks. “By facing challenges together, we hope to form bonds that will last a lifetime. We hope to be part of what helps to reunify this beautiful island,” she added.

“Each of the organisers is a testament to what can happen when you bring bright young people together to take part in exchange programmes, to exchange fresh ideas and bring them back to their countries and look to make where they live a better place for all of us,” Garber pointed out.

During the event a video from the activities of the camp was shown, followed by the certificate ceremony.

STEAM for Peace and Entrepreneurship Camp is designed for middle school/gymnasium students of age 10-13 years old to have fun during the summer holidays while doing hands-on experiments in STEAM subjects together in a group of bi-communal students from all over Cyprus.

The camp is designed with the theme of peace to introduce friendship, collaboration and peace-building.

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