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Nightclub owner rejects homophobia after gay couple kicked out

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The owner of a Limassol nightclub accused of kicking out a gay couple over a kiss on Tuesday rejected accusations of homophobic discrimination.

Accept LGBTI Cyprus brought attention to the incident in a social media post in which it said that: “We were informed that a gay couple was kicked out from Metropole Retro Club because of a kiss. In communication with the club over the phone we were told that straight kisses are allowed.”

However, the owner of the club told the Cyprus Mail on Tuesday that his business does not discriminate against anyone but must always take measures when people act in excess.

“I have the relevant video, if you think it’s just because of a simple kiss then you’re wrong – many times people are kissing and it’s no problem whatsoever, it’s one thing to be kissing and it’s another to be on the verge of sex,” the owner said.

He instead argued that other patrons present had complained over the couple’s behaviour, with the club’s security team later politely asking them to finish their drinks and leave.

“We’ve been in operation for 14 years, all types of people come here but whomever you are it plays no role – if you cause issues then you have to leave, whether you’re a straight couple or a gay couple it makes no difference,” the owner said.

“Every week we have anywhere from ten per cent to 30 per cent of our customers who may be gay, during carnival it could be even 50 per cent,” he said.

In the Instagram post, Accept called on people within the community to avoid such places with a history of discrimination and to instead go to LGBT friendly entertainment venues.

The club has since been undergoing a review bomb on its social media platforms and is receiving a slew of one star reviews warning others not to go there.

“This place is homophobic! I hate it for making my friend feel uncomfortable and ask him and his boyfriend to leave after they kissed each other. We’re in XXI century! It’s disgusting it still happens,” one person wrote.

But the owner insists that: “We accept every type of person and indeed we have every type of person and we’ve never had problems, but with this particular couple there was an issue.”

As for the “straight” quote – the owner completely rejected this and said that no one ever made such a comment.

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