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Pilides extols role of Cyprus in EU energy security, EU commissioner due to visit

Υπουργός Ενέργειας Έκτακτο Συμβούλιο Ενέργειας ΕΕ
Energy Minister Natasa Pilides in Brussels on Friday (PIO)

Energy Minister Natasa Pilides announced the upcoming visit of the Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, in a statement after the conclusion of the extraordinary meeting of energy ministers in Brussels on Friday.

Simson is expected to visit Cyprus to participate in a conference of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum, where “the discussion will continue on whether the development of the fields can be accelerated with faster steps in the Cypriot EEZ, which […] is considered a priority in terms of the European Union’s independence from Russian natural gas,” Pilides said.

“Cyprus is able to contribute to strengthening Europe’s energy security through the discoveries in the Cypriot EEZ”, said the minister, adding there was great interest from both the European ministers and the commissioner.

According to a statement from the ITP, Pilides pointed out during the discussion of the ministers that “the presence of large oil and gas companies in the EEZ of Cyprus” can be used “to create appropriate synergies towards a sustainable regional gas market, supplying the EU with natural gas in the immediate future and with hydrogen in the long term.”

Regarding the proposed measures to mitigate the high energy prices, Pilides stated in the context of the debate that “they should take into account the different energy mix and the different reference points of each member state, especially the member states that do not use natural gas.”

Cyprus’ position, she continued, is that the EU should promote measures that give incentives to citizens and businesses to reduce electricity consumption.

Regarding the issue of the redesign of the electricity market, Pilides was among the ministers who called on the commission to proceed with a thorough study of the matter. She also called on the commission to study ways in which the Emissions Trading System (ETS) can help reduce electricity prices.

In the context of the discussion on the preparedness of the member states in view of the winter, Pilides said that at the moment Cyprus is worried as it is currently isolated from the EU’s energy networks.

Although not facing problems with its fuel supply, the minister said, all sectors in Cyprus are affected by increased oil prices, especially those related to electricity, transport and heating.

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