President Nicos Anastasiades will present the expected economic and social transformation of the country within the €4.4 billion Cyprus Tomorrow plan at the presidential palace this coming week.

In a first event of its kind, the president will present the important reforms, social policies and development projects implemented or planned within the framework of the plan in the sector of welfare state and inclusive society.

He will also review the progress of the implementation of the government’s programme from 2013 to date in this policy pillar in relation to the reforms, policies and national strategies adopted, as well as the related developmental actions. Those include the implementation of the minimum guaranteed income, the benefit policy, the support of low income pensioners and vulnerable groups, as well as persons with disabilities and the provision of assistance to children, women and families.

According to the president’s press office, similar events will take place to present other policy pillars of the Cyprus Tomorrow plan and how those will be implemented.

The Cyprus Tomorrow’s budget of €4.4 billion, excluding the expenditure of the annual budgets, covers the period 2021-2026. According to the government statement, “it is a comprehensive economic and social transformation of the country to keep pace with the requirements of the modern era, in an environmental and digital adaptation and development.

“The entire economy and society will benefit, since, in addition to a projected seven per cent increase in gross domestic product, the implementation of the plan’s funds is expected to create over 11,000 new, well-paid jobs,” it added.