More than 1,000 trees, shrubs and aromatic plants will be offered to the public free of charge by Hermes Airports’ ‘Green Lemonade’ environment protection initiative.

“Hermes Airports is organising an original event on Saturday, October 1, from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Specifically, more than 1,000 saplings, shrubs and aromatic plants will be offered to the public free of charge in an area opposite the entrance to the departures at Larnaca Airport,” Hermes Airports said on Friday.

Each visitor will be given a fruit tree and an aromatic plant free of charge. The fruit trees being given away include lemon, orange, tangerine and other trees, as well as aromatic plants including lavender, rosemary and thyme.

Hermes said it also plans to donate a drone to the forestry department for fire prevention and response, and the installation of a station for charging electric cars.

“Last February, Hermes Airports staff picked lemons from the lemon trees that are found in the outdoor areas of Larnaca Airport. In cooperation with Kean, the lemons were turned into homemade lemonade, which was purchased in August by passengers departing from Larnaca airport,” Hermes Airports added.

Hermes Airports had announced at the time that the total proceeds from the sale of the lemonade would be used for actions related to the protection of the environment.

The Lemonade Project is a joint campaign with Kean, with the support of Cyprus Airports F&B and ICTS Cyprus.