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TV Shows We Love: Memories of the Alhambra

tv shows we love

I remember watching the trailer of this series, and thinking it must not be that interesting, just some love story in Spain between two people from different worlds.

However, the first episode proved me wrong as it brought the main character Jin Woo to Spain – a hurried phone call from a teenager about something he wanted to give him.

We find out why at the end of the episode; it was access to a virtual reality game that could be powered by the lenses Jin Woo’s company in Seoul produces.

The game is an adventure through the Alhambra, and players fight off enemies.

However, the series is full of sudden twists with disappearances, glitches in the game that make it across the boundaries between the virtual and physical world, and even a love story that runs as an underlying theme.

The story travels continents and ends up in Korea, but the storyline keeps viewers interested and waiting to see what happens next.

Memories of the Alhambra is the kind of show a generation interested in the fantasy aspects of emerging technologies would lap up, and it keeps viewers interested through its multi-faceted nature that speaks to all.

The show kept me hooked, as it weaved the storyline and ended on cliff-hangers, leaving me wanting more, and deeply focused on solving the mystery and looking back through episodes to theorise how the plot would unfold.

It is a show you can binge watch, until the end. You will become engrossed with finding out more about the lives of the characters, keeping up with the time jumps to the past and the future, all key to the culmination of the series.

This is an excellent show to watch on a day-off and immerse yourself in the world of virtual-reality and the lives of the characters and how they are affected by the game.


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