Prison guard members of the Isotita union unanimously voted to extend their strike actions indefinitely over the unresolved issue of their pay grades, following 12 days of consecutive protests, they announced on Saturday

The decision was taken unanimously on Friday at a meeting of the union branch.

At the same time, they decided that on Monday they will hold a three-hour protest on Pindarou street in Nicosia, which is the location of ruling Disy headquarters, blocking the road for that time.

They also called on guards who have so far not joined any strike measures to show their support. “We call on the rest of our colleagues, who have relied on proven falsehoods and broken promises, that they now support our fair struggle for a better future, with dignified living conditions for ourselves and our families,” the union said.

“With their participation, we are convinced that our struggle will have a successful conclusion within the span of a few days,” it added.

The core of the prison guards’ demands is that their civil service pay bracket be upgraded from A2 5-7 to A3 5-7.