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‘Bases will have to show will to allow development in Lysi, Kontea area’


The Sovereign British Bases will need to show will in their agreement to allow development in the Lysi and Kontea areas, the house refugee committee said.

In statements on Tuesday, the head of the committee Nicos Kettiros said the land was recognised in an agreement with the bases as agricultural land, along with the title deeds.

Kettiros added that following this agreement, the owners of the land are invited to submit their applications for use. The uses of the land can be for agricultural and structures including fences, storage facilities can be built on the land, so that will of the bases to abide by the agreement for the land can be tested.

“The British bases will have to show on the ground their will to proceed with this process as agreed on paper, many years have passed since the British bases have given the land,” he said.

Kettiros recalled an incident twenty years ago when the residents had tried to go to the area and there were issues caused by residents of the occupied areas.

He added the security of the people returning to those areas will need to be protected.

In 2014, an agreement was reached between then UK Prime Minister David Cameron and President Nicos Anastasiades on the issue.

The agreement foresees that property owners within the British bases would be able to develop their land, following the agreement signed by the two countries then Interior Minister Socrates Hasikos said.

The agreement, reach in London, saw the lifting of restrictions on commercial and industrial development in non-military areas within the British Bases for the first time since the country’s independence over half a century ago.

Hasikos had then explained that both sides would begin working immediately to determine town planning zones but that military installations would be excluded.

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