Returning for its second edition, the Mind REset programme will be implemented as a collaboration between Junior Achievement Cyprus, the Education Ministry and Lidl Cyprus.

The programme was designed by Lidl Cyprus to inspire the new generation, based on Lidl’s values for successful and responsible initiatives. Youth participants are asked to focus on solutions to reduce plastic and single-use plastics, as well as to implement an idea. The idea will be based on environmental awareness and innovation – very useful qualities to cultivate as part of a school career, as well as for later adult life.

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The Mind REset Programme was implemented in Cyprus for the first time last year, meeting with great success. Specifically, 87 schools from all over Cyprus participated, involving 190 different departments and 3,612 students, and supported by over 200 teachers.

Mind REsetters 2022 were awarded to two school teams, who benefited from an educational business experience abroad. The awarded teams were “EAT THE BOX” from the Primary School of Agios Athanasios II and “ECO CLIP” from Engomi High School.

Through the Mind REset Programme, Lidl Cyprus demonstrates its commitment to the REset Plastic initiative, the Schwarz group’s international strategy, and supports the REsearch field. The aim is to back studies to develop innovative solutions, with a vision of “Less plastic – Closed cycles of raw materials”.

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By giving the opportunity to fifth- and sixth-grade students, as well as to first- and second-grade high school students to participate in the programme once again this year, young people will express their creativity and critical thinking through the ideas they will be asked to implement, while focusing on the environment.

The vision of Lidl Cyprus continues to be a better planet, a healthy environment, and a culture that changes consciousness and habits, shared at every opportunity with the new generation… for a better future!

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